Pest Thrips of North America

Pest Thrips of North America
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Pest Thrips of North America - associated with domestic and imported crops

This novel key is an excellent supplement to morphology based identification of adult females. While there are some morphological keys available, these are often limited to a few species or for their larvae but do not address the need to identify thrips eggs. The rapid molecular method included in this key will also provide accurate identification of both eggs and larvae. The key will enable USDA-APHIS-PPQ agriculture inspection agencies, state and local growers and quarantine agents to rapidly identify pest thrips species intercepted at ports of entry. The agriculture industry will benefit by reducing losses caused by exotic thrips pests with early detection of thrips pests in imported crops. In addition, we are being proactive in protecting plant biosecurity by determining which exotic thrips pests should be kept from entering the United States and Canada.


  • Introduction to thrips biology and thrips as tospovirus vectors
  • Morphological and molecular techniques (including detailed protocols)
  • Glossary of morphological terms with particular attention to key characters
  • Interactive identification key to nearly 100 economic important species in North America
  • Crop introductions
  • Extensive literature references for each species
  • More than 1000 computerized microscopic photomicrographs
  • Fact  sheets to listed all species

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