Lucid v3.6 - Full licence

Lucid v3.6 - Full licence
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Lucid3 is a cross-platform implementation, and will run on any Java-enabled operating system (such as Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Linux etc).

The Lucid3 software comprises a Builder and Player for creating and deploying effective and powerful identification and diagnostic keys. The Lucid3 Builder allows an expert in a group of entities (plants, animals, diseases, minerals, archaeological artifacts etc) to create a key that can be deployed over the Internet, USB, HDD or on CD or DVD.

Users who wish to identify an entity in the group for which the key has been built can "describe" their specimen to the key by choosing features that match the specimen. The key progressively eliminates entities that do not match the chosen features until only one or a few remain - multimedia fact sheets and images can be attached to a key to provide further information for making an identification.

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