Lucid Phoenix

Lucid Phoenix
Lucid Phoenix
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Lucid Phoenix is a dichotomous (or pathway) key authoring tool (Builder) and Player that enables traditional paper based identification keys to be published on the Internet, CD or USB.


  • Options for overcoming the "unanswerable couplet problem"
  • Filters to customise a key for a specific species list
  • Multimedia capabilities such as HTML, GIF's, JPEG's and PNG's
  • Import paper-based keys into Phoenix Builder within minutes

System Requirements

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) v1.4.1 or greater

Windows OS


Macintosh OS

OSX 10.2.6 or greater

Linux OS

Any flavour of Linux that supports J2RE, such as Red Hat, SuSE, Ubuntu

Solaris OS

Verison 7 or greater.

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