Lucid v3.5 Upgrade to Lucid v3.6

Lucid v3.5 Upgrade to Lucid v3.6
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Lucid v3.6 is due for release in late December 2016 or early January 2017.

If you purchase v3.6 prior to it's launch, you will be given interim access to Lucid Builder v3.5. Keys developed in v3.5 are fully compatiable with v3.6 file format.

Lucid v3.5 upgrade to Lucid v3.6

Owners of Lucid v3.5 are entitled to upgrade pricing to Lucid v3.6. If you are purchasing the upgrade on behalf of another users (e.g. purchasing officer), please include the persons name, email address and the product serial number in the checkout additional notes/instructions.

Version 3.6 Enhancements include:


  • TBA.


  • JavaScript base technology - no more reliance on the Java Runtime Environment.
  • TBA

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